At Rainey Leadership Learning, we believe that,

“Powerful organizations thrive Best when Leaders know…
What truly holds people back
What truly inspires people to greatness.”

Through our assessments, trainings, teachings, and coaching we assist leaders to:

1) Understand what it takes to create quality relationships within their unique organization

2) Embody that information to guide their people in individual development and growth as a team

For more than 20 years, we’ve worked with CEOs, COOs, CFOS, and CMOs in financial institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Human Resource departments, and healthcare institutions. Because of the work we do, our clients see a measurable increase in profitability, ranging from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of a 250% increase.

With Rainey Leadership Learning, you’ll find that our programs help to:

  • Uncover leadership blind spots, allowing leaders to master their leadership zone
  • Diagnose strengths of employment candidates, for more efficient and effective placement
  • Prevent communication misunderstandings, before they start
  • Create a culture of open and supportive communication
  • Develop strong team bonds, for mutual support
  • Engage top performers and create opportunities for enhanced performance levels
  • Eliminate performance reviews
  • Foster accountable teams and individuals, who are passionate about their work