About Dr. Cheri

CHERYL A. RAINEY, PH.D., MBA, is a train-the-trainer, who designs transformational development
programs for leaders and teams, and a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in recruitment and selection
of top performers. She is also an international consultant, speaker, author, and leadership coach.
Dr. Rainey developed innovative techniques for leadership and team development, which result in measurable business growth, and observable transformation in people. By merging business concepts of intention, communication, and outcome measurements, with HeartMath research, Harrison Assessments, and current neuroscience research in leadership development, she created InnrSight Technology™.
When she’s not working with clients or traveling throughout the world for speaking engagements and leadership coaching sessions, Cheri enjoys dental mission trips, with her husband, Russell Rainey, DMD and life in the company of her five granddaughters.