Nowhere have I felt greater passion than when combining my work as a psychotherapist with the results-oriented world of business leadership. To that end, I crafted signature programs, which I’ve used around the world with executives, management, and leadership teams. My InnrSight™ programs serve personal and professional growth, while providing the measurable results on which businesses rely. I am proud to be an agent for Harrison Assessments, a strengths-based behavioral, environmental, values and personality profiling system.

business woman“Dr. Cheri helped me to clarify my strengths and those things in the workplace that I most enjoy. She also helped me discover my leadership blind spots, which helped me to vastly improve my leadership, refine my communication skills, and better understand my team members and co-workers. She also provided me and my team with “road maps,” illustrating the teamwork relationships each of us had with each other and our strengths working as a team. This allowed us to improve the quality of our overall work products and excel in time management. After attending Dr. Cheri’s workshops and receiving individual coaching I also developed a plan to help me achieve the next level of my career.” —Angela Hendrieth, Executive Director Workforce Development, City of Tallahassee […Read more results…]

Harrison Assessments

“Dr. Cheryl Rainey is an accredited trainer, expert level interpreter, and authorized distributor of the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions System (HA). I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Rainey on my team. Her exceptional skills and experience as a psychotherapist, business consultant and trainer, combined with her impressive business and career accomplishments, set her apart.” — June Kitto, Director and Business Consultant for CareerFit, Sydney, Australia

Crisis Intervention

frustrated business meetingHas a team or departmental issue reached an impasse that is undermining goals and depressing morale? Are you unsure whether it is you, your team, or the workplace itself? Well, I always recommend, “Start with you.” Even if you think you may walk out tomorrow, even if you decide to start your own business,  you still must face what you’ll do and how you will be in the next workplace.

Don’t give up, dig in! You can turn things around.

My signature InnrSight™ Technology workshops help you (or an executive team) tap into your leadership skill set, revealing strengths, untapped resources, and blind spots to “sharpen the saw.” Our short-term program helps avert crisis, while equipping you with immediate skills that serve your professional development and the all-important bottom line. But, more than that, my workshops help unify your life, so that both your professional and personal lives improve. All this comes with results you can see and put into practice immediately.

Now that’s good for business!

Nagging Problems

Is your team increasingly relying on the safe and familiar only to realize its getting you nowhere?

Are expenses up and sales down with no clear path out of the pit?

Is the pressure on while the solutions elude you?

We can help.

Remember, taking time for professional development is as important as turning in those scheduled reports and quarterly goals.

The problem is we too think, “I don’t have the time.” However, “If you want to be successful and you want to advance,

You can’t afford NOT to make the time.”

My ongoing business and professional leadership coaching and training programs provide multiple options for keeping you on the competitive edge, while building teams that thrive. We provide workshops, trainings, teaching, speaking engagements, and one-on-one progressive coaching sessions that help you rise to the top, while bringing your personal best to the table. And, boy is that a rush!

Longer-term Support
Our workshops, trainings, and development sessions are designed for immediate results that can be seen in your team, measured, and reflected in the bottom line. But, even so, sometimes there may be more than one issue you want to tackle. My longer-term breakthrough programs with training and coaching offer ways to keep growing your professional leadership skills, while creating a sustainable, rewarding work-life balance.

From texting and e-mail support to on-the-go phone sessions to private in-office counseling, I offer the ongoing direction and support to help your leadership thrive and your career soar.

Together, we can craft a personalized program that works for you.

Contact Us about leadership training to advance your business.