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InnrSight™ Programs

Our signature InnrSight™ Technology workshops tap into your leadership skill set, revealing strengths, untapped resources, and blind spots to “sharpen the saw.”

Our short-term programs help avert crisis while equipping you with immediate skills that serve your professional development and the all-important bottom line. But, more than that, my workshops help unify your life, so that both your professional and personal lives improve.

All this comes with results you can see and put into practice immediately.
That’s good for business!

InnrSight™ Leadership
My Philosophy “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” –Sufi Wisdom

Leadership and reconnecting with your greatness is an inside job. I believe that everyone has the natural ability to move past anxieties, self-limiting beliefs, and inner obstacles to reach new and exciting levels of personal development.
Every person’s journey is valuable and to be treasured, just as it is. In exploring the uniqueness of the human experience, I feel it’s important to draw on a rich array of transforming traditions and energy approaches to integrate mind, body, heart, and spirit.
In my signature approach, we utilize “systems thinking” to help clients discover patterns and issues within a larger context. Our team views experiences as opportunities for growth and encourage clients to remain open in a way that allows learning from every experience. You are whole and unique. And, yet, all of us forget our natural greatness at times; sometimes we get stuck, or trapped by our own blind spots.

At those times, I am a catalyst for the change you desire.

With passionate, in-depth facilitation, creative approaches and finely-honed communication tools we will teach you how to free blocked energy, dissolve obstacles, and allow your strengths-based professional success, emotional well-being, relationship integration, and personal growth.

“We are the facilitators, whose job it is to shine a light on your path forward, guide you when the roadmap seems unclear, and be a consistent, encouraging reminder of your strengths – of…

Who You Really Are.

“Reconnecting with your greatness truly is an inside job.
I find great pleasure in assisting you along your journey!”
InnrSight™ BreakThrough Programs
Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. — Helen Keller

Over the years, I realized that people who worked on their desires only one hour per week, whether in therapy, coaching, or leadership development, experienced distress and struggle with heightened emotional peaks and valleys. In addition, the brief, weekly sessions resulted in lengthy, drawn-out pathways to the aliveness, success, health and well-being they were seeking.
Therefore, I developed signature programs, which allow for natural breakthroughs fostering effective understanding and diffusion of past blocks, while expediting a dynamic pathway to a happy and successful future. Rather than simply treating symptoms with coping skills, in my InnrSight™ Breakthrough programs, you will use your unique strengths and innate resources to uncover and eliminate the causes of distress and elevate yourself to your next level of achievement!

The results last. The outcome you desire guides our work together.
All fees and programs are outcome-based.

My InnrSight™ programs range in duration from one to four months. Your goals determine the method, number of months we work together, fee, and the program that best suits your unique situation.
For one-, three-, and four-month programs, we define specific, measurable goals with targeted dates for accomplishment. Individual, comprehensive sessions are reserved for 2 ½ – 3 1/2 hours per session.
The InnrSight™ Immersion BreakThrough is a four-month life-changing program (goals to be accomplished are only limited by your desire), beginning with a Breakthrough Weekend at the beach. The Immersion BreakThrough experience provides immediate, significant, and meaningful results. Below, you will find more Immersion Program details and a Sample Structure for all programs.
The InnrSight™ Immersion BreakThrough Program is a highly personalized, intensive and comprehensive four-month process.

Designed for focused, efficient growth, the Immersion Program process
Eliminates root causes
Unleashes your confident, newfound well-being, immediately.

Based on the concerns you want to address and the accomplishments that you want to achieve in your life, we design the details of your program together.
A powerful life-creating experience, the InnrSight™ Immersion program will take you to your next level – your next logical step. Upon completion of your “weekend”, you will immediately experience a significant, meaningful difference and begin living the life you desire.
During the next few months, our interactive, individually-designed coaching processes assist you to maintain, and further expand, your new personal strengths –even within the context and demands of the toughest familiar environments, work relationships, and family systems.
Sample Structure for InnrSight™ BreakThrough Programs:

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician.

Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.
— Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus

  • Exploratory interview covering your concerns and desired outcomes
  • Written intention for the specific InnrSight™ Program you select
  • Measurable and Observable Outcome targets, clarified in writing
  • Comprehensive, personalized questionnaire to initiate, facilitate, and support your BreakThrough process
  • Follow-up questions to probe more deeply into your initial answers
  • Development Plan designed for the personalized InnrSight™ Program of your choice
  • Dates Reserved for the specific InnrSight™ Program of your choice

The best vision is insight. – Malcolm Forbes

The InnrSight™ Immersion BreakThrough is a comprehensive 4-month Program, which includes all steps in other programs, plus –

  • Preparation dinner on the eve of your BreakThrough Day
  • BreakThrough experience at the Rainey Beach House, in comfortable attire, with catered meals and breaks throughout your day
  • Follow up to the BreakThrough experience with three or more months of reserved-time personalized coaching calls (minimum of one 1-hour call per month)
  • Coaching calls, as questions arise
  • Telephone or in-person coaching/therapy, reserved and as requested, during four-month program

Thank you for your interest in my InnrSight™ BreakThrough Programs. Please email with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you.


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