Inside-Out Leadership

An InnrSight™ Technology Business Seminar

As a long-time business executive and leadership consultant, my team and I understand the need for ongoing professional development that delivers a clear return on investment. We also recognize that in order to take valuable time from pressing business demands for a workshop, you want to know-
How much time it will take,
How it works, and
What you will get.

Inside Out Leadership: An InnrSight™ Technology Business Seminar
delivers immediate results, whether you’re attending a 4-hour training, day-long intensive, or utilizing one of our various programs for short- or longer-term leadership and business coaching.

Inside-Out Leadership is very different from the boilerplate business trainings out there. Through this fast-paced, interactive workshop, you will:
Understand your unique leadership strengths, untapped resources, and blind spots
Learn to leverage your strengths to improve relationships with employees and peers
Learn how your individual stress behaviors and blind spots challenge relationships
Uncover 3 significant limiting beliefs that perpetuate barriers to outstanding leadership
Discover 5 ways to increase your creative problem-solving skills
Receive a road map of your unique leadership skills set
Leave with 7 + tools to transform stress and triggers into opportunities for success

InnrSight™ Technology training immediately delivers measurable, usable results that not only build your competitive business edge, but also enhance your personal development.

Attending an Inside-Out Leadership Seminar immediately increases your leadership skills, resulting in a recognizable AND measurable difference in your team’s performance and effectiveness, your work satisfaction, and your bottom line!

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, Inside-Out Leadership training will have a…
Profound, Positive effect on all of your relationships,
Personally and Professionally.

Additionally, you may be interested in ongoing business and leadership coaching to address other issues or areas of growth you would like to explore.