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Let’s use predictive analytics to help you and your organization acquire, develop, and engage talent.

Rainey Leadership Learning partners with HR and organization leaders for people strategies throughout the entire talent lifecycle by providing measurable ROI with assessments, customized analysis and training, coaching, benchmarking performance processes, and targeted program development. By selecting top talent and assisting leaders in creating engaged employees and high performing teams, the Rainey Leadership Learning team focuses on making a measurable difference for our clients. Rainey Leadership Learning provides solutions throughout the entire talent lifecycle, which includes recruitment & selection, onboarding, coaching, development, leadership & team building, development & training, and succession planning. We are passionate about helping leaders and their organizational teams align actions with their mission and vision to achieve greatness. By utilizing Harrison Assessments, we facilitate a greater understanding of how the brain works at work and why it matters for the bottom line.
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Dr. Cheri Rainey, Founder & CEO

Dr. Cheri is an experienced Leadership Consultant who facilitates leadership development through research-based assessments and applied learning. Understanding individuals’ behaviors and how those behaviors affect others and organizational strategies is essential.

Combined with her business education from Emory University and Pepperdine and her PhD from Florida State University, Dr. Rainey holds several Neuroleadership certificates that contribute to her overall success, as well. As a licensed Psychotherapist, Dr. Rainey combines her passion and educational knowledge to help leaders of national and global organizations to align actions with mission and vision to achieve greatness. The key lies in Dr. Cheri’s highly insightful and personalized REAAL© alignment strategy.

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Our Team & Harrison Consultants


Roni Abeytia
Harrison Consultant & Regional Director

Roni’s expertise can be seen in operational efficiencies and exceeding client desired outcomes, with 20+ years of experience in business management and leadership. As a certified Harrison Consultant, she provides exceptional client and partner support to assess client needs and facilitate education and training on the full potential of Harrison Assessments’ solutions. In addition to day-to-day operations, Roni is responsible for oversight of the Partner network to ensure team accountability and quality of service in the Americas. Prior to Harrison Assessments, Roni held the position of Branch Manager for the largest equipment rental company in the world, responsible for leading strategic initiatives, operational efforts, and financial performance

Linda Barineau
Human Resources Director

Linda is proficient in human resources disciplines and accounting.  She has a broad business acumen in the for-profit segment, including accounting functions.  With her strong understanding of and ability to foster and promote a positive culture and influence human behavior, she has a reputation for being a compassionate, encouraging, and meticulous counselor with the ability to garner excellence from others.  Linda is a Certified Analyst for the Predictive Index behavioral assessment tool.


Dr. Carlie Casey
Psychologist and Harrison Expert

For over 45 years, Dr. Casey has been helping business and organizational leaders grow their leadership effectiveness and careers. As in his work with international class athletes, he is a master at guiding business leaders in fine-tuning the mental skills necessary to “put it all together”— eliminating their learned limitations to achieve peak performance.

Carlie is a Psychologist and an Expert Harrison Consultant with more than 20 years of experience interpreting Harrison Assessments for leaders and teams.

After a distinguished career in teaching and clinical work, Dr. Casey turned to full time coaching of business and organizational leaders. Coaching is essential for performance at the highest levels. Just as all top athletes employ coaches to help them improve their games, successful executives in the 21st Century engage coaches to keep them engaged and responsive in the ever-changing game of business. In the world of leadership, keeping one’s career on an upward trajectory requires discovering each new obstacle or hindrance to taking the next step—and finding ways to eliminate, work around, or compensate for each challenge. Facilitating this growing edge is Dr. Casey’s mission. He has a his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado.

Emily Frazee
Digital Coordinator

Emily provides interactive media and blog content to the Rainey Leadership Learning community. Emily obtained both her bachelors and master’s from Florida State University in Business, with emphasis in communications and marketing.


Marie Long
Financial Manager

Marie has 20+ years of experience in management and leadership in the hospitality industry. She has led teams at five-star hotels as well as independent businesses and health care practices.

Stephanie Ontiveros
Harrison Assistant

Stephanie has five+ years of experience in human resources with expertise in recruitment for high volume staffing, placement, and onboarding.  Additionally, as a Learning & Development Facilitator, she was responsible for coordinating and conducting multiple compliance trainings for CPR/First Aid and Professional Assault Crisis Training. In her current role as an Administrative Assistant, she provides excellent customer service and system support to Harrison Assessments’ clients and solutions partners as well as supporting day-to-day operations for the Director of Client and Field Services in the Americas.  Prior to Harrison Assessments, Stephanie worked with developmentally disabled adults, assisting with basic daily living skills.


Jonathan Reitz
Harrison Master Trainer and Managing Partner

The focus of Jonathan’s coaching practice is leaders and organizations that want to develop their people to maximum potential. Long term, measurable impact is another key ROI for Jonathan’s coaching clients.

Leaders and organizations who work with Jonathan Reitz develop more clarity on who they are and where they are going, design more effective action plans, live in more satisfying relationships, and get more done in less time.

As a Harrison Assessment Master Trainer & Managing Partner, he uses the Harrison Assessment to explore client behavioral preferences and tendencies for talent development and strategic planning. Since beginning his coaching career in 1997, Jonathan has worked with leaders from organizations around the world including Nike, Pinterest, The Weatherhead School of Business (Case Western Reserve University), Graftech, Thrivent Financial, Beef International, various school districts, and multiple not-for-profit organizations

Jonathan holds the ICF’s Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential. He is the author of Coaching Hacks: Simple Strategies to Make Every Conversation More Effective. (CoachNet: Cleveland, OH 2017). His coaching has been featured on the World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS) in 2019 and 2020.

Anne Sandberg
Harrison Managing Partner

Anne works with businesspeople, leaders and teams to identify their unique talents and strengths as well as the areas that may be in need of further examination and professional/personal development. She uses the Harrison Assessment and other tools to help management teams become more self-aware, grow, and make needed changes in order to work more effectively both together and externally.

Anne is one of a handful of Managing Partners for Harrison Assessments in North America. She trains HR professionals and other consultants in the use of this deep and versatile online assessment. She has an M.S. degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and over 30 years of experience working with organizations of all types and sizes as an organizational consultant and coach. Anne is the author of numerous training programs, blogs, and articles and frequently speaks at industry events.

Anne is also the author of Interview Generator, an online interview-building system used by employers to create customized, job-related, competency-based, behavioral interview guides for use in the hiring process.