Rainey Leadership Learning closes the leadership and team development gap by supporting PEOPLE, PERFORMANCE, and CULTURE, by providing:

  • Predictive Behavioral Analytics
  • Talent & Team Development Programs
  • Strategy, Structure, and Systems
  • Cultural Change

Powerful organizations thrive when leaders understand, engage, and match their people’s strengths with responsibilities.

People are your business’s greatest asset. Creating quality relationships within your unique organization is key.

Cultures of learning foster engagement, resilience, and high performance. Aligning people and culture matters!

Our programs provide measurable ROI through the following talent solutions.

Harrison Assessments

Award-winning technology provides job specific predictive analytics that enhance the candidate and employee experience. Learn more…

Train the Trainer

We offer training that empowers HR leaders with the tools to administer and analyze behavioral assessments in-house.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Automate your selection process with predictive data and interview guides for successful hiring decisions.

Succession Planning

Easily identify talent pipelines for internal recruitment, succession planning, and job rotation.

Talent Management

Custom-designed leadership and teamwork programs to develop, lead, and engage talent.

Executive Coaching

Understand and manage your strengths, as well as paradoxical and stress behaviors, which inform your key behavioral values.

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