Leadership Assessments


One Assessment System for Accelerated Business Results Throughout the Entire Talent Lifecycle

For over 30 years, organizations have used Harrison’s unique technology to better understand people and improve business performance.

Harrison Assessments Enable You to Predict:

• How to engage and retain employees based on specific personal motivators

• What they pursue and/or avoid

• How people handle autonomy, freedom, and responsibility

• How innovative people will be under difficult challenges

• If they will resist change and/or be rigid

• Whether leaders are easily influenced, blindly optimistic, impulsive and/or illogical decisions

• Whether the leadership candidate is scattered or chaotic relative to projects or planning

• If candidates will seek to learn, grow, and excel

• How they will handle conflicts

• What kind of decisions a person will make in mission-critical situations

• Whether employees will take initiative

• How leaders communicate, influence, and lead

• Whether employees are likely to succeed as leaders and at what level

• If they will avoid difficult decisions

• What kind of recognition employees want and need

• Whether candidates will become autocratic, dogmatic, dictatorial, or controlling as managers

• How well a leadership candidate will provide direction and hold people accountable for results

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