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Rainey Leadership Learning
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transform leaders
empower teams.

Our programs help you

Uncover leadership blind spots

. . . allowing leaders to master their leadership zone.

Diagnose strengths of employment candidates

. . . for more efficient and effective placement.

Prevent communication misunderstandings

. . . before they start.

Create a culture of accountable & supportive communication

. . . grounded in the company’s mission.

Develop strong team bonds

. . . to build relationships and expedite performance.

At Rainey Leadership Learning, we believe company cultures change lives, families, and communities!

The more aligned employees’ behaviors are with mission and vision, the more prosperous employees and organizations become.

Our Services

Harrison Assessments

Award-winning technology provides job-specific predictive analytics that enhance candidate and employee experiences.

Train The Trainer

We provide training that empowers HR leaders with tools to administer and analyze behavioral assessments in-house.

Hiring & Onboarding

Automate your selection process with predictive data and interview guides for the best hiring decisions.

Succession Planning

Easily identify talent pipelines for internal recruitment, succession planning, and job-rotation.

Talent Management

Custom-designed leadership and teamwork programs to develop, lead, and engage talent.

Executive Coaching

Understand and manage your strengths, as well as paradoxical and stress behaviors, which inform your decision-making.

Ready To Start Predicting Success, Too?

Transform your workplace culture in four easy steps



First, complete the contact form for a complimentary demo of your Harrison Assessment and consultation.



Use Harrison Assessments’ Predictive Analytics to remove up to 96% of the unknown from the recruitment, selection, engagement, retention, AND development equation.



Together, we analyze behavioral traits showing strengths and areas for development, as well as a person’s or team’s situational responses to stress.



Your desired outcome informs the customized action plan that positively influences workplace culture, productivity, leadership effectiveness, and team relationships.


really helped us know each other better and work together more effectively.

Caryn Beck-Dudley
President & CEO
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

At two different organizations, I worked with Dr. Rainey and the RLL consultants. They were instrumental in creating a roadmap that resulted in the strengthening of our teams and development of individual members. I would strongly recommend Rainey Leadership Learning to any organization.

Brian Horton
President & General Manager, CEO Kissimmee Utility Authority

Dr. Rainey’s depth and breadth of experience, and her loving leadership style, have been instrumental in helping to turn our organization around, and keeping me sane while we did it. I’m grateful for her.

Dennis Lanham
Senior Assistant Dean of Executive Education
Santa Clara Leavey School of Business and Executive Director of SVEC

[Rainey Leadership Learning] raised my self-awareness, helped me understand the impact of my behaviors (both positive and negative), and helped me make adjustments after the training, a major theme I hear from others is, ‘this may be the best tool and training I’ve ever experienced.

Scott Mayson
Area Director, Midwest Region
Chick-fil-A Corporate

Dr. Cheri and her team helped me to vastly improve how I lead and communicate. I better understand my relationship with each team member and the effects of my behaviors on the team, as a whole. With Rainey Leadership Learning workshops for my teams, and individual executive coaching for myself, I achieved the next level of my career.

Angela Hendrieth
Chief Diversity Officer
City of Tallahassee

About Dr. Cheri

Dr. Cheri is an experienced Leadership Consultant who facilitates leadership development through research-based assessments and applied learning. Understanding individuals’ behaviors and how those behaviors affect others and organizational strategies is essential.

Established In 1990, Harrison is available in






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and is trusted around the world by organizations large and small

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